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Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sai Baba curing ailments

Om Sai Ram,

Those who have been reading Sai SatCharitra might be aware BabaDhuniNikon that many ailments physical, mental and emotional would be wiped out by just having darshan of Sai Baba. Just going near his physical form, with submission from within was enough. The troubled or turbulent mind would find peace and contentment. Many stubborn diseases, refusing to go with modern medicine and surgeries would have to go just with his glance or the words from Sai Baba’s mouth. Sacred Udi was given in many cases. For some, they received abuse and beating from Sai Baba and found that they were free from ailments. For some the aliments aggravated for some time and then never returned. In some cases the ailments would be actually manifest on Sai Baba’s body for some time. Sai Baba would take the aliments of the devotees on Him, and free the devotees from the same.

In the earlier years in Shirdi, when Sai Baba was not much known as a compassionate Fakir but a mad fakir. Most of the time Sai Baba remained in total contemplation of divine. Other time He would spend with meeting people and noting their ailments. He would prescribe and make medicines from simple herbs found in neighborhood and available in local markets. He became well known as hakim. To villagers His knowledge of curing physical ailment was surprising. He cured leprosy, snake bites, ailing eyes and many other diseases, normal and stubborn. He never accepted any money or fees for the cures.
Sai Baba also ploughed the village’s common land. ThSai_Baba_Watering_plantsis is the place were Samadhi Mandir of Shirdi is situated now. He planted plants of flowers and created a beautiful garden. Many plants bearing different flowers such as Jai, Jui and Zendu were brought by Baba from Rahta and planted, where Samdhi Mandir now stands, a solace for so many devotees.  Wamanroa Tatya a potter supplied Him with two unbaked pots daily. Sai Baba would carry pots full of water, carry it on his own shoulders, and water the plants. The unbaked pots would break after the watering was done and kept under a tree. Sai Baba freely distributed the flowers and leaves from that garden to various Hindu and Muslim sacred places. The sacred places were considered as sacred and not as Hindu’s or Musim’s sacred place.
Sai Baba also used to travel to Rahata village some 3 kms away from Shirdi. He would spend some time with Kushalchand. Even today the house of Kushalchand in Rahta stands as Sai Baba used to visit. Only changes being made is the electricity wires added and repainting of the house. Devotees can visit and see the house and know the details like where Sai Baba used to sit.
Another house that Sai Baba used to visit outside Shirdi was of Shri Dengle in Neemgaon.
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