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Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sai Baba’s first miracle noticed by Shirdi villagers

Om Sai Ram,
During the early years in Shirdi, Sai Baba was much known as a Sai_Baba_oil_lamps_paintingmad Fakir. Very few people knew that the Fakir was mostly absorbed in Divine contemplation and was one with God. Other’s could see his not so social friendly activities. A fakir who would be seen either sitting at one place for long times or roaming about.

The fakir loved to light lamps in the old Mosque which he had selected to stay in Shirdi. In the day time he would beg the oil from Telis (Oil traders). This oil Sai Baba used to light lamps in Musjid (now popularly known as Dwarkamai), when the darkness would take over in the evening. Human tendency to derive joy at other people’s expense was at work one day. The traders decided in unison not to donate any oil, and have some fun. They wanted to see the reactions of the fakir that evening.

Next day the fakir (Sai Baba) went for usual round of begging Sai_Baba_original_beg for oil. All the telis (oil traders) lied that they had no oil with them. The fakir unperturbed, went to each one of them, listened to the same reply and returned to Dwarkamai empty handed.
The mob who knew about this conspiracy hid themselves and watched the fakir, anticipating some fun.
What they saw, snatched away their seeking of amusement at other’s expense. The fakir filled the tin container with some water from the pot in Musjid (Dwarkamai). He stirred it with little oil sticking on the walls of container, and drank it. Then, he took some water from the pot again, filled the earthen lamps with it and put the cotton wicks in them. The minds of oil traders and few other villagers hiding were confirming of the fakir being mad.
“The lamps would never burn with water.” they thought. They were wrong. The fakir struck up the match, the lamps lighted. Not only they got enlightened but kept burning whole night. It was their turn to get scared. They had tried to play prank with a fakir who possessed miraculous powers. They had fear about the magicians and sorcerers.
So they fell at Sai Baba feet for forgiveness and that they Sai_Baba_arms_open should  not be cursed for their actions. But Sai Baba was not a magician, a sorcerer he was not there to show his powers and strength. He was compassion incarnate and had motherly love. They were in proper mood to receive some instructions. Tenderly and lovingly he advised what was best for humanity and them.
He asked them, “You really had oil when you said you had none, eh?’ They agreed that they lied. Then Sai Baba advised them not to utter lies. “Lies displeases God.” He said.
Next he pointed out how wicked their conduct was. The oil lamps were lighted for the good of villagers. He asked them if they wanted to enjoy the plight of fakir who could not light lamps in dark, and spend the night in darkness. The answer was in affirmation again.
Sai Baba pointed out that the person who took delight in other’s miseries instead of sympathizing with them displeased God. God is mother to all and loves all equally. If you hurt a child and tell the other that you have hurt child. Will the mother be pleased? Thus those who amuse themselves at plight of others really displease God.
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